Dear Community:

In October 2008 Insignia National Title Agency, LLC officially opened its first office. Right from the start, we were blessed with the immediate intake of new business and doubly blessed when we began to realize our first closings in that same month!   It was such a spectacular feeling for all of us to have had the constant support, encouragement and love from all of our families, friends, clients and colleagues.  Historically, Autumn of 2008 is known as one of the most difficult economic times that a great many of us had witnessed in our lifetimes. Nonetheless,  the care and loyalty from our clients and colleagues was un-wavered, which most certainly inspired us to accept the challenges that were before us and move steadfast into the future and raise Insignia up to where it is today.

We began with the goal of providing best in class title insurance products and services to our community, to help create employment opportunities and to lend ourselves to the overall success and stability of our diverse communities.  We have witnessed and been part of many industry changes over these past ten years. Through them all, and with great thanks to you, Insignia is a viable presence in the real estate industry and with your continued support we will remain so, for many years to come.

We have always been and are today, grateful for all of the experiences that have been given to us – all of which allow Insignia to be part of the continued prosperity in the real estate market and the professional community at large.  One very important thing to mention is little did we know (back then) that we too would realize both privilege and pleasure of watching the growth of established clients, as well as, cheering on new entrepreneurs and individual employment successes.  We congratulate you and wish each of you continued prosperity and great achievements, in all of your endeavors!  Each of you has taught and inspired us in countless ways.  You have assisted us generously by sharing your knowledge and networks, and providing us with direct referral sources; which has lent itself to our sustainability and growth.  We have done our best to share with you in similar ways and will certainly continue to do so, as well as, seek new opportunities to enhance our relationships in the years ahead.

Thank you so very much for supporting Insignia with your business, for joining us on this rewarding and fantastic journey and for being here with us at our 10 year anniversary mark!!!

We wish for each of you, abundance in all areas of your lives!

Craig, Darren, Yossi and the Insignia National Title Team